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Tinnitus and Working From Home
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working from home productivity tinnitus

It took me years to actually go see an audiologist about the ringing in my ears, and was diagnosed with [*subjective tinnitus*], a condition that affects an estimated one in five individuals. For me, any quiet room is accompanied by a high pitched ringing. In an office, the every day hustle and bustle of my coworkers helps distract from the ringing, but at home, with no coworkers, no office noise, my tinnitus has presented an ever-present issue. My normal background TV noise runs the risk of distraction, and during video meetings, my options are somewhat limited. However, I have found a few different tools and techniques that help.

In Praise of Eleventy
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eleventy static sites

Finding a well and truly simple static site generator, one that will let me work in my own way, has been a surprising challenge. However, Eleventy has proven to be a breath of fresh air.

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