One of my obsessions is finding new music to listen to. I've spent day after day trawling Soundcloud for amazing tracks, only to discover just a few tracks that are really worth saving. Here are some services that make sure every song I hear is a hole in one.


Hype Machine - An amazing way to discover what the music blogosphere is talking about. Hear the newest tracks as soon as they hit the internet airwaves.

Mvsic - Similar to Hype Machine, but all boiled down to what people submit, and curated by the admins.

The Sixty One - An interesting, gamified music discovery journey specially designed for those music hipsters. The earlier you discover a track that becomes popular, the more points you earn down the road. - This one's pretty popular, but it's still a fantastic way to discover new music. The more you listen and Scrobble to it, the more music you can discover.

Songza - While this one's curated playlists for different moods, events, and activites, it still has some stuff you probably haven't heard. Plus, you can always find something that fits your mood as well.

MusicBox - A service that sends curated tracks from indie artists right to your inbox every couple weeks.

Earbits - We almost lost this service once, but it came back at the request of fans. Users love it that much.

Resound - What better way to find new music than to leverage your friends? Resound allows you to do just that, as well as to find new people to follow.

Fathom - Fathom allows you to type in an artist name, and get back more music you might like based upon that. Unlike other services, this one requires a Rdio premium account to stream full songs.

Musicovery - This one allows you to choose your musical journey by artist, tags, what's new, or by mood. Just put one in, or see what Musicovery spits out for ya.

Last Updated: 9/6/2014