Bitcoin Transaction Malleability In Plain English

Posted on: 2.11.2014

The title of this was derived from [Coding In My Sleep][]'s In Plain English series, namely because it sounds nicer than Mt. Gox is a lying sack of shit.

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The Open Source Funeral

Posted on: 1.13.2014

It's been far too long since I've written a blog post. The year's even changed since my last one, though I suppose the same could be said for one written mere minutes away from the mark of midnight, but I digress. Today, I'm looking at a concept I'm calling the Open Source Funeral.

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Podcaster.js - A Node Framework for Podcasters

Posted on: 9.16.2013

Well, I finally created my first full fledged Node.js app, and I did it all in one afternoon. Well... Finishing at 23:37 doesn't really count as an afternoon, but it was still close enough to it for me to find it intriguing.

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The Follies of the American Education System

Posted on: 9.6.2013

The American education system is horrilby flawed. Many would proclaim its wonders, by comparing it to third world education systems, which in all fairness, is not very fair. Yes, we have an amazing education infrastructure, but we also seem to decide that the most important thing isn't how much someone is able to apply their skills to their own lives, but how well they place on standardized tests. Those that do poorly on these tests are rarely afforded opportunities to advance, and those that do well, are showered with rewards.

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Return of the Prodigal Coder

Posted on: 9.5.2013

I told myself a lot of things. "I'll set up my blog again when Ghost comes out," was near the top of that list. Then I realized that I needed my creative outlet. Sure, I could write for myself, but where's the excitement when you know that nobody is going to see that set of words but you. So I sat down, and I learned about the beautiful platform that is Poet, and built my own thing out of it. Is it perfect? No. Is it mine? Enough for me to be happy about it.

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